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Your hotel guest can pick up relevant products directly at the reception or have them delivered to his home. Your own products or local products or even the interior of your hotel - you will profit from every sale.

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The range of products offers a range of products which will be coordinated with you and will be customized to the needs and tastes of your hotel guests, hotel interior or your own hotel wine – you decide which products you want to sell to your hotel guests during and even after their stay. In addition we offer a selection of products which hotel guests often ask for at the reception. As you know your hotel guests better than we do, you can choose these on-site products from our catalogue.

As flexibel as your hotel guests is not an app and can therefore be used on any terminal mobile phone, tablet or notebook) without any problems. Hotel guests still have an access to your even after their stay.


The number of our partners in the fields of interior, technology, and food and beverages is constantly rising.

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