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What beds are used in Hotels?

Good hotels today rely almost exclusively on high-quality box spring beds. In terms of appearance, quality and sleeping comfort, high-quality box spring beds are the best hotel beds.

Therefore, the question is not whether box spring beds are used, but which design and style is chosen.

Hotel bed manufacturers who until recently only worked with corporate customers and who have high minimum purchase quantities now also ship to private customers thanks to

Are Hotel Beds different from normal beds?

Yes, exclusive 5-star hotels have higher quality beds than those in the furniture shop next door. In addition to a high quality box spring base, extraordinary hotel mattresses and hotel toppers are also used.

For hotels, durability and sleeping comfort are particularly important. The latter has a direct influence on the guest's satisfaction and willingness to stay at the hotel again.

The former is above all an economic factor, as an unbelievable number of different types of guests come and go and the hotel bed has to withstand enormous strain.

It should be particularly robust and durable so that the hotel does not have to be refitted every few years.

Are Hotel Beds for sale?

Yes, it is becoming increasingly easy to buy hotel beds online as a private customer. There are two reasons for this, the first is that more and more hotels are offering, promoting and selling the bedding products used in the hotel and the second reason is us,

We have made it our business to enable people to sleep like in an exclusive 5-star hotel every night.

Many people don't know where to buy hotel beds or even that you can buy them, which is why this article exists and why we try to spread the word that this is indeed possible.

Why are Hotel Beds so comfortable?

The reason why hotel beds are so incredibly comfortable is because almost always box spring beds are used.

As the name suggests, these have already been fitted with springs in the box, so you are already supported by the “frame” alone.

On top of this there is a comfortable hotel mattress, usually a barrel pocket spring core mattress, which means that every single spring reacts individually to the applied pressure. And on top of this is a high quality topper, which completes the overall set.

Which size has a Hotel Bed?

The typical size of beds in hotels is between 4'6″ x 6'3" and 5′ x 6'6″ feet. The latter is called king-size and the former a normal double bed.

If you rent a Junior Suite or Presidential Suite you can certainly expect a Super King size bed, which is "6′ x 6′6" large.

Here is a complete list of standard bed sizes:




Small Single

2’6″ x 6’3″

75 x 190 cm


3′ x 6’3″

90 x 190 cm

Small Double

4′ x 6’3″

120 x 190 cm


4’6″ x 6’3″

135 x 190 cm

Queen / King

5′ x 6’6″

150 x 200 cm

Super King

6′ x 6′6”

180 x 200 cm

A Traditional Hotel Bed

As written right at the beginning, the question isn’t what beds hotels are using but which design and equipment of a box spring bed.

As seen in the picture below you can buy hotel quality beds at our Online-Shop and still choose the overall look.

It is quite common that hotel guests contact us and ask for a hotel bed from a certain hotel and we find out the exact configuration and construction. But when it comes to the choice of fabrics and colours, we let the customer choose one that suits the interior of their home.

And that is what it is all about, getting the sleep experience of a 5-Star Hotel into the own four walls and having a modern and high quality bed with a individual style at the same time.

a traditional hotel bed

Hotel Bed base

Thotel bed base, or seen from outside, the frame, is the foundation of every Hotel bed. As shown in the picture above you can already decide which kind of springs you want to have built in.

First of all, there is the most common method of balancing your body with springs, which is done through a large network of connected springs, called a bonnell spring core.

The second variant would be a barrel pocket spring core. Here all springs are individually packed in pockets and react individually to the pressure applied to the bed.

For example, if your partner weighs more than you do, the bed would sink in much further on his side, but would not affect your side, because not all springs are connected to each other.

Hotel beds usually have wheels at the head end, but at the end of the bed they have stands. This means that the bed cannot simply be pushed away, but only needs to be lifted on one side to be moved.

Here too, you can of course choose whether you would like to have wheels at all and only legs or just wheels.


A traditional Hotel bed has a modern looking and soft headboard as shown in the picture above.

There are headboards that are relatively small and therefore easy to attach, but of course there are also more fancy headboards that are so large that they even have to be attached to the wall behind the bed.

Of course you have the choice and a wide range of colours, a large selection of different fabrics and, if desired, the headboard can also be left out. You decide.


Actually, just like with the box spring bed base, there are two main types of hotel mattresses that are widely used and industry standard.

The first type of hotel bed mattress is a bonnell spring mattress. It is surface elastic, which means that it has springs that are connected to each other to form a large net. So if you turn around it will affect the whole mattress and not just the area you are lying on.

The barrel pocket spring core mattress, on the other hand, only reacts in the area where you lie. This is because each spring is individually packed in pockets and is not connected to other springs, which is also called point-elastic.

This is of course not only more expensive to produce, but also a high quality feature that only the good to exceptional hotels have.


The Hotel Topper, a quality feature that distinguishes good from very good hotels. With a Topper the hardness of the mattress can be balanced and made even more comfortable. Also, it is usually two individual mattresses which are then connected by a continuous topper.


A traditional hotel bed, of course, also has a wide range of pillows of all sizes and shapes. Normal hotels use synthetic pillows, whereas good and very good hotels use down pillows with a certain amount of feathers.

These are perfect because the feathers provide the necessary support and the down makes the hotel pillow nice and soft and comfortable.

Luxury Hotel Beds

When it comes to hotels & resorts where you pay a four-figure per night rate, you get even better quality beds. To what extent these differ and distinguish themselves we will now clarify.


The first main difference is the size of the hotel bed. This is usually 6′ x 6′6" feet (180 x 200 cm), unless of course you deliberately book a room with a single bed.

Bed height

It is important that the bed is high, as it should be comfortable to sit on the edge of the bed without sitting too low, because otherwise it would be more difficult to get up again.

These little details are the things that people in the luxury and high price segment pay attention to.


You probably know that it can be annoying to sit on the edge of the bed because you can slip. This is exactly what a high quality hotel mattress prevents with an additional steel band frame on the outside of the mattress.

This makes it even more comfortable to sit on the edge of the bed or the mattress side, because you don’t start sliding off.

These are, as already mentioned, details in the furnishing to which 5-star hotels pay attention to.

But not only the sitting comfort on the outside of the hotel mattress is much better, of course you can also expect the complete mattress to be carefully and elaborately handmade.

The best Hotel Beds

To finish it all up: The best Hotel Beds are those which start with a very good foundation, namely a barrel pocket spring core, both in the box of the box spring bed and in the hotel mattress.

In addition, there is a high-quality topper that rounds everything off and has a temperature balancing effect.

Obviously the quality is reflected in the price per night and again in the price of purchasing the hotel bed, so you can expect a good four to even five-figure buzzer.

Where do Hotels buy their beds?

The truth is: Most hotel bed manufacturers only work with hotels or commercial customers, you as a private customer cannot buy from these manufacturers and if you do own a business you can expect a minimum purchase quantity.

So if you as a private customer wants to buy from the manufacturer of hotels, you need to do that on, our Online-Shop for hotel products like hotel beds.

If you are a business customer and want to take advantage of purchase prices, you are welcome to visit our B2B Online-Shop.

But nevertheless, what are well-known hotel bed brands?

Hotel Bed Manufacturer

Our exclusive partner for hotel beds, FBF bed & more, works with top hotels from all over the world, including:

  • Hilton Hotels
  • Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
  • InterContinental Hotels
  • Marriott Hotels
  • Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts
  • Best Western Hotels

The today's Fränkische Bettwarenfabrik GmbH, known as FBF bed & more, was originally founded by Josef and Wilfrieda Kühnl in 1948.

The company has always remained in family ownership and in 1979 began to supply and equip hotels with high-quality hotel bedding on a grand scale.

In addition to exclusive hotel beds, FBF bed & more also offers duvets, pillows, terry cloth and many other bedding products in its portfolio.

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