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8th March
in Berlin
Meet us on 8th March on the ITB. Contact us via e-mail for an appointment :
16th till 22nd March
in Hamburg
You will find our booth in the digital corner on Gastrovision.
21st March
in Hamburg
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In case you still have any doubts, please take a look at the listed advantages below to convince you.

Competitive Advantages

Be one step ahead of your competitors. offers the possibility the profit per hotel room with additional sales and you can bind your hotel residents to your hotel as you offer them an exclusive service.
Steigern Sie Ihren Gewinn pro Hotelzimmer

Improve your profit per hotel room

You will get a commision with each sale. You will offer certain products to your hotel residents with your, which can be directly picked up at the reception or be delivered to their home. Depending on your subscription package you can also sell your own products of your choice - with higher commision for yourself.

Exclusive service for the hotel residents

Exclusive service for hotel residents

You can offer your hotel residents relevant products during their stay. The most products that are forgotton by hotel residents are charging cables or adapter plugs. With you can offer these products without any efforts and without any costs. You will now be able to answer to the question ''Can I order the matress?' - with ''Yes, of course. With our hotelshop.''

Technical advantages can be integrated without any problems into other systems. Your shop will run on any electric device without hardware and downloading an app.
Improve your profit per hotel room

Integration into existing systems without any problems

Simply connnect your into your existing system like SuitePad, roompad or Code2Order. You are already offering a digital service via tablet, app or advertising applications? Don't worry - is a web-based solution that can be integrated into existing systems easily. So you can also refinance the investment in digital service.

Exclusive service for the hotel residents

An app or any additional hardware isn't needed is a web-based solution and therefore device-independent. Your hotel residents will not have to operate a new device or have to download an app. They can visit the shop on their own electric devices like smartphone, tablet or notebook. Using their own electric device is an important role for e-commerce.


Visual advantages will be completely created after your design guidelines and will match the image of your hotel. The shop will be recognized as your own hotelshop because of the well coordinated product range.
Improve your profit per hotel room

Own shop design according to CI

white-label solution for your own hotelshop. Your desired colours and logo will be used for an individual design. Also your own hotel products can be set up depending on the subscription package. The shop will match your professionize image.

Exclusive service for the hotel residents

Flexible with the product range

Add your own products to the instant-box. The instant-box always will be delivered with a basic kit. Local products and also your own products can be set up. You will decide what you want to offer to your hotel residents. is a service provider for professionals and digital sales in your hotel.
hidden costs? no
unauthorised advertising? never
expensive hardware? no
downloading an app? makes no sense
more employees? zero
more effort? no garantuees:
  • no hidden costs
  • no unauthorised advertising
  • no expensive hardware
  • no app
  • no more employees
  • no more effort